Stack molds
StackTeck has been a recognized global leader of innovative stack mold technology for over 4 decades.
Unmatched productivity with stack molds
Through a culture of continuous innovation, stack molds have become one of the industry’s most successful options for significant gains in productivity.

Stack Mold Technology and Benefits:

  • Virtually double the output of your molding machine: cycle time increase is typically limited only to the larger machine stroke requirements
  • Increases plant capacity without the need for additional floor space
  • Reduced capital costs in machines, take-out systems, and downstream parts handling - one molding cell versus multiple systems
  • Available in 2, 3, and 4 level patented designs
  • Flexible options for mold center section support suitable for a range of molding machines
  • Successfully applied to many different molding industries including:
    • Thinwall packaging and IML
    • Medical, pharmaceutical, and labware plastic parts
    • Beverage closures
    • Custom caps and closures
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