Lightweighting parts has been a focus for the StackTeck engineering team for many decades, with the primary goal of improving molding productivity and reducing piece part costs.
More recently, this focus has intensified, using lightweighting as a solution to meeting consumer driven sustainability targets. These sustainability targets are becoming ever more aggressive, requiring new and innovative approaches including “ultra lightweighting” technology.

Sustainability benefits of lightweighting plastic parts include:

  • Reduced energy consumption in the production process

  • Reduced fuel consumption during transportation and distribution

  • Reduced material input volumes and costs

  • Reduced greenhouse gases and carbon footprint across the supply chain

StackTeck provides variety of innovative options to execute lightweighting initiatives:

  • Custom engineered solutions for your unique molding application

  • TRIM: Thin Recess Injection molding

  • Multiple Gating Technology

  • Collapsing Core Technology

  • Injection Compression

  • Lightweighting partner for over 4 decades: closures, housewares, personal care, medical, thin-wall and industrial packaging markets
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