StackTeck Testimonials
Moldmaking is a challenge that starts with our customers’ product concepts and designs, and every mold we design and build is the heart of our customers’ production system. We are always thankful to get recognition from our valued customers and industry peers.
Integrity and Professionalism throughout StackTeck
There are 3 elements that I can highlight from my experience of having worked with StackTeck: the order and cleanliness they maintain in their manufacturing plant, the integrity of the company as well as the diversity of customers that they deal with and finally, the human qualities of their team. Based on my personal experience, I recommend StackTeck for the quality of its molds and the professionalism of its technical, accounting and engineering staff. After 25 years of being in this industry, I can say that it was a very pleasant experience to have found a company like StackTeck” Read More
Sr. Jose Rojas Asken
Plant Manager, FOSKO
Breakthrough Technology for high-volume high-barrier food containers
Kortec Inc. has recently achieved another industry first with its successful development and production of a turnkey manufacturing cell for producing high barrier food containers. The cell employs a StackTeck 64-cavity stack mold (2 x 32) that is co-injection molding multilayer thinwall plastic food containers with an inner and outer layer of PP, and a barrier layer of EVOH. The system currently produces parts at a rate of greater than 200 million parts per year at a cycle time of 7.5 seconds. Read More
Kortec Inc.