StackTeck provides the expertise to navigate the prototyping process by clearly matching the prototyping options with practical scope requirements.

With 50 years of focused expertise in producing molds for the high-volume injection molding applications, a dedicated prototype engineering and manufacturing team, and a fully serviced injection molding lab, StackTeck has been the chosen partner to brand owners and molders in bringing new parts successfully to market. 

Engineering Services and Prototyping goals:

  • Optimization of part design for weight and cycle

  • Market qualification of part geometry (3D printed part, versus part in qualified plastic resin)
  • Fit requirements with mating parts

  • Shrinkage evaluation and resin selection

  • Part functionality – hoop and top load strength, sealing functionality, fracture resistance, etc

  • Integration to production automation requirements (ex: IML)

  • Premarket production sampling for line / filling trials

  • Injection molding process optimization for future production tools