preform molds
Providing development services and mold ranging from 2 to 144 cavities. Standard and customized mold frames & pitch layouts available to accommodate a variety of leading platforms and preform applications.
the pet preform mold advantage
StackTeck PET preform molds take advantage of innovative ISO hot runner technologies that reduce pressure drop, improve cavity to cavity balance, significantly reduce color changeover time, and generate lower AA levels than conventional designs, while virtually eliminating PET dust. The molds also utilize KoolTrackTM conformal cooling to improve productivity, and a patented post mold cooling technology called PiCOOLTM that speeds up cycle times and reduces piece part costs
  • Advanced ISO hot runner technology
  • Advanced KoolTrack™ conformal cooling technology
  • Patented PiCOOL™ post mold cooling technology
  • Special coatings for component wear resistance and improved ejection
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