StackTeck has adopted the use of iMFLUX to address the challenges of molding post-consumer recycled resin (PCR). Working with Procter and Gamble, the owners of the patented iMFLUX technology, StackTeck is suitably positioned to share the capability with all players in the industry.
iMFLUX technology
StackTeck has embraced the iMFLUX technology as a process control method uniquely capable to handle large and sudden plastic melt flow (MFI) variations in real time. The TeckCenter has incorporated the technology into specific molding machines for use in validating the processing parameters of PCR resins for new and existing molds.

PCR Processing Challenges:       

  • High degree of variability in Melt Flow Index (MFI) of PCR

  • Process and quality monitoring requirements for stable molding production

iMFLUX* low constant pressure combined with "Auto Viscosity Adjust" (AVA):

  • Adapts in real time to material property variations by adjusting pressure

  • Controls dramatic variations in resin viscosity

  • Process changes are monitored and recorded

  • Used in concert with Scientific Molding approach for consistent part quality

  • Significant productivity boost for PCR applications


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