StackTeck Displays at NPE 2024 Show Sustainability Technologies and Intelligent Automation


May 6, 2024

Brampton, Ontario, Canada: StackTeck Systems Ltd., a global manufacturer of high volume injection molding solutions for  thinwall packaging, closures, PET preforms, personal care and medical products,

 will be showcasing their latest innovations in technology at this edition of the show, taking place from May 6th to 10th in Orlando, Florida. 

Static displays in StackTeck’s booth in the West Building, booth number W3773, will feature the latest technologies with plastic parts and steel components. Some of these include PET Preform applications highlighting cooling and post mold cooling technologies, co-injection, multi-material, specialty coatings, KoolTrackTM, TRIMTM (Thin Recess Injection Molding), IML and closures technologies.  Show attendees will be able to learn about our latest patent pending 5 piece collapsing core technology which was developed recently to for parts that require large undercuts.

An active display in the StackTeck booth will be a Cobot-based plastic part inspection system, that uses intelligent vision capability to recognize randomly placed plastic parts in a bin.  It will identify, choose, and pick up a part to transfer it to a vision inspection station that will measure external dimensions and develop a real time visual image of the part profile.  This technology is one example of the custom automation capabilities that the StackTeck Automation team offers as part of their complete automation systems up to stacking and boxing.

Cobot System Includes Intelligent Vision for Part Selection

StackTeck will have 2 show molds and 1 IML automation system running at NPE 2024, as per the West Building floorplan layout below.   These two show molds include TRIM and sequential multi-gating features, stack mold technology, and optimized cooling for maximum productivity.

Jordan Robertson, VP Business Development and Marketing stated: “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to be back at the NPE Show and continue a dialogue with our customers about our latest developments. We are constantly pushing the envelope to add more to our portfolio of mold technologies, which are driven by our desire to offer more sustainable options and real advantages for our customers.”

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About StackTeck Systems Limited

StackTeck, with over five decades of mold building innovation, is a leading source of high productivity system solutions for the injection molding industry. StackTeck supplies a wide range of injection molds and IML automation used to produce plastic parts in applications such as caps, closures, medical, PET preforms, and thinwall packaging; as well as complete system integrations including IML. StackTeck has dedicated R&D, testing, and part sampling facilities, in addition to plastic part design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. StackTeck Systems Ltd. is located 8 km north of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.