StackTeck Demonstrates Ultra-Thin PET Round IML Container Capab

Brampton, Ontario, Canada: StackTeck Systems Ltd., a global manufacturer of high volume injection molding solutions,  is exhibiting a new approach to molding ultra-thin 450 ml PET food tubs that will be running with a StackTeck Automation IML system in the NETSTAL MACHINERY booth number W223 at the NPE show in Orlando next week.

The mold technology delivers an unprecedented level of thinwalling technology that combines StackTeck’s Thin Recess Injection Molding (TRIMTM) with a set of 7 sequentially controlled valve gates to yield the lightest part of this type ever molded.  According to StackTeck’s CEO, Vincent Travaglini, “We set out to establish a new standard in molding PET containers using at least 30% content of hard-to-fill PET with a high IV level mixed with a high volume, easier filling low IV PET resin with the intention that customers would be able to run the same part using 30% rPET.  Some of our customers on the PET preform side of the business are running 100% rPET for beverage applications, and so we’re pointing the way towards being able to add PCR capability for thinwall containers, while adding advantages in material strength and clarity.”

The hot runner used for this mold incorporates YUDO’s ISOTM technology to enable tightly spaced valve gated drops on the bottom of the container, while incorporating independent control of valve gate timing to suit optimal filling of this ultra-thin part.  The hot runner is custom designed to be suitable for high pressure injection, with thermal profiled nozzles and incorporating a balanced thermal management approach.

The IML automation system has also been supplied by StackTeck for this show system, including high speed side entry robotics, in addition to downstream 100% vision system inspection by IMDVISTA, and downstream stacking.

The IML automation for this show system was limited to part stacking only, to limit floorspace at the tradeshow.  Wil Meevis, StackTeck’s VP Sales commented, “Almost everything we quote now has to include automated loading of stacked parts into a box or tote.  We see an increasing demand for customized part inspection using vision systems, as well as special steps in handling of parts before they are ultimately stacked and loaded into the final shipping unit.  For many of our projects, we are setting up the automation with the customer’s machine and mold at StackTeck to do the final FAT with hot parts before shipping.”

StackTeck has been pleased to have NETSTAL MACHINERY as a partner for this show system, as both companies have experience working together in both thinwall packaging, as well as PET applications.

The IML labels for this part have been supplied by MCC VERSTRAETE, using a PET substrate to achieve 100% PET content in this show part.

PET resin has been supplied by EASTMAN, including Eastar EN001 resin that has an Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) level of 0.80 dL/g as well as EN058 that has an easier filling IV level of 0.58 dL/g.

At the StackTeck booth W3773, part samples will be on display that have been molded using a blend with 30% rPET supplied by VERDECO using material with an IV level of 0.72 dL/g.

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StackTeck, with over five decades of mold building innovation, is a leading source of high productivity system solutions for the injection molding industry. StackTeck supplies a wide range of injection molds and IML automation used to produce plastic parts in applications such as caps, closures, medical, PET preforms, and thinwall packaging; as well as complete system integrations including IML. StackTeck has dedicated R&D, testing, and part sampling facilities, in addition to plastic part design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. StackTeck Systems Ltd. is located 8 km north of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.