One of the most challenging aspects of molding plastic parts using PCR resin is the variability of the Melt Flow Index of the resin supply.
iMFLUX technology

At this point in time, it is virtually impossible to guarantee the viscosity of the resin supply to fall within the typical ranges of virgin material. For example, it is not unusual to measure MFI ranging from 30 to 70 within the same batch. 

Working alongside Procter and Gamble, StackTeck has adopted the use of iMFLUX technology to control the injection molding process for PCR projects that bring challenges with resin viscosity variability.

Using iMFLUX* low constant pressure combined with "Auto Viscosity Adjust" (AVA) provides consistent molding conditions for resin batches having variable melt flow index.

For more information, refer to the following web page:

TeckCenter Services, iMFLUX center of excellence

Case Sample: 1x4 Flip Top Cap, MFI Variability of 30-70 MFI
Injection Time:                   0.4 sec
Cooling Time:                      2.0 sec
Cycle Time:                           8.2 sec
Injection Pressure:          14,000 psi
Melt Temperature:           210 deg C

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