Microcellular Molding
Microcellular molding, MuCell®, is a thermoplastic foam injection molding technology developed with the primary goals of reducing part weight and improving productivity.
Features and Benefits of Microcellular Molding:
  • Part weight savings up to 5% - 20%

  • Reduced clamp tonnage requirements

  • Thin to thick wall flow with reduced sink marks

  • 1:1 wall thickness rib structure

  • Material where needed for function versus flow

  • Improved dimensional stability and reduced warpage
1x4 IML TRIM MuCell Cup
Trexel, the company behind MuCell®, has partnered with StackTeck to optimize this technology for the injection molding industry. As a solution to meeting sustainability goals, StackTeck works with industry leading machinery suppliers to provide expertise in applying this technology across different markets, including rigid packaging, medical, and personal care industries.
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