Increasing Productivity and Output with Stack Molds


As a producer of plastic parts, whether as the brand owner or as an injection molding operation, there is a never ceasing demand for the reduction in “piece part costs”. It’s not unusual for a part buyer’s expectations of a molding operation to include a reduction in operating costs and, ultimately, for the buyer to demand lower piece partcosts, year over year.

In the early days of the technology, stack molds were primarily used for high volume shallow draw parts such as lids and closures. However, with the advances in the shut-height and stroke capabilities of the latest molding machines, these sophisticated molds are being used over an ever broadening range of plastic part and end market applications. This paper explores the commercial aspects of the technology and how stack molds can deliver reduced piece part costs.


  • Stack molds: Molding parts on multiple mold faces

  • Stack molds: Productivity benefits

    • Output

    • Plant Capacity

    • Capital Costs

    • Molding Flexibitily

  • Stack Molds: Experience