IML Automation Systems
In Mold Labeling (IML) is an injection molding process whereby the decoration of the plastic part is produced using a label instead of secondary printing techniques.
2x8 IML Lid Automation
A preprinted label is inserted via automation into a cavity of an injection mold and plastic is injected over the label. This produces a decorated / “labeled” plastic part where the label is permanently fused to the part itself.

The IML market continues to experience rapid growth in a variety of end markets. These markets include many high-volume consumer applications including food packaging, industrial containers, household goods, confectionary, and personal care items.

The IML Advantage:

  • Visually appealing plastic parts
  • Greater flexibility in part designs over conventionally printed products
  • Environmentally friendly packaging – single plastic material for recycling stream
  • Space efficiency in non-round packaging – transportation and shelf space
  • Single process of injection molding and decorating – elimination of secondary processes and need for staged WIP
  • Volume appropriate production runs - elimination of set-up scrap

StackTeck has rapidly expanded into the field of IML automation. StackTeck has delivered award-winning In-Mold Labeling Container (IML) molds and automated systems to customers in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.


StackTeck IML Automation features:

  • Pre-engineered standardized platforms
  • Engineered for different style labels including
  • Modular Construction: Label magazines, EOAT, Stacking, and Vision Systems
  • Fully integrated with Quick Product Change (QPC) mold methodology
  • Single Face and Stack Mold interchangeability, IML and Take Out automation
  • Complete turnkey approach including injection mold and downstream automation
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