new approach to fast mold deliveries
Using automated design capabilities that work with a pre-set, optimized set of mold design rules.
As compared with custom designed molds, the engineering phase of every project will be reduced from 3-4 weeks to just a few days. The first phase that StackTeck is now offering, will cover single face molds for round lids and round air eject containers, with 2, 4, 6 or 8, 12 and 16 cavities. Future development of this technology will cover a broader range of part types. The design automation leads to the use of best practices in the mold design, which enables advantages of many standardized components that are normally considered custom in a custom designed mold. Benchmark mold design features are incorporated automatically into the mold, ensuring optimized cooling for maximum productivity and mold longevity.

FastTrack™ projects compress engineering and manufacturing stages, using automated design and product standardization.

With StackTeck's FastTrack™ approach, the standardized products can be priced, and mold concept diagrams can be provided to a customer in their own conference room, on the spot, with formal proposals provided within 1 business day.   Mold deliveries for lid molds will be 9 weeks, and containers will be 11 weeks, depending on their size.


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